A River Full of Stories Film

The Open Bridges exhibition – A River Full of Stories – has had  a great run in Hull Maritime Museum where it has been on display together with the films for the last six months. The museum has now closed to be refurbished as part of Hull: Yorkshire’s Maritime City so we spent the morning taking the exhibition down for the time being. You can now see the full film here. It features a trip down the River Hull on board MV Syntan with interviews telling real stories of life on the river in its heyday, filmed on board the Syntan, Spider T and in Hull Maritime Museum.

Open Bridges Hull UK award winning short film with musique concrète soundtrack. To watch the film settle down in a comfy chair, turn the lights down & the volume up and soak it up, it’s an immersive experience.

A River Full of Stories book, website, films and exhibitions tell stories of life on and around the River Hull over the years. The book, available from UK libraries, is brimming with memories, stories, anecdotes and over 200 beautiful photos of life on the River Hull. All sorts of tales of working life, skills, dangers, mishaps and side lines, family life, women’s tales of families growing up on barges on the river, leisure time on the river since the 1930s. There are fascinating contribution from dozens of Hull people, river workers, artists and photographers.

ARFOS at Willerby Library

Films by Humber Film Creative Community, edited by by Phillip Codd.

A River Full of Stories film, interviews in order of appearance: Janet Anderson (nee Webster), John Whittles, Keith Eastwood, Neville ‘Killer’ Pinder, Tom Fry, John Drury and Dave Allam, Dave Allam and Nev Pinder, Glyn Holt, Dave Allam and Nev Pinder, Iain Campbell, Keith Eastwood, Trevor Branton, Geoffrey Shipman, Keith Eastwood, Allan Lister, Karen Walker and Linda Bragg (nee Hubbard), Keith Eastwood, Trevor Branton and Vic Shirtliff, Norman Hardy, Tom Fry, Ted Moore, Ann Smith, Keith, Trev and Vic and John Dean.

Open Bridges made history when for the first time all 13 of the bridges over the River Hull in the UK’s City of Culture 2017 raised, swung or closed simultaneously splitting the city of Hull in two at 20:17 hours on 22nd September 2017. Historic vessels sailed down the river, met by 21st century tugs, to the sound of a new musique concrète work by composer John Stead. Film by Humber Film Creative Community, edited by Phillip Codd

Open Bridges is an independent Hull based project, concept and management by Rich & Lou Duffy-Howard https://loudhailer.net/

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