Open Bridges fourth anniversary

It's four years today since Open Bridges! We have great memories of the Open Bridges night and the subsequent River Full of Stories history events. Here's a gallery of some photos showing just a few of the many lovely people we met along the way who became part of the team that made it happen. … Continue reading Open Bridges fourth anniversary


The Hull Story

We are delighted that The Hull Story announces the next chapter of Open Bridges / A River Full of Stories. Find out about it at the link: The Hull Story is an excellent news magazine. It's great to have a quality independent voice for Hull which is an ideal fit with the Open Bridges … Continue reading The Hull Story

Open Bridges Third Anniversary Photos

It three years since Open Bridges! Have a look through our gallery of photo memories: Comrade photo by SydpixA River Full of Stories book launchMemory sharing on board The SyntanBrigham Scows race on the River Hull through Emmotland by RDHKeith and JanetDrypool Bridge by RDHOpen Bridges by Phil WithersOpen Bridges Engines and Insects exhibitionRich & … Continue reading Open Bridges Third Anniversary Photos

Open Bridges Film & Musique Concrète Soundtrack

The Open Bridges Hull UK award winning short film with musique concrète soundtrack is available in full,  on line for the first time. To watch the film settle down in a comfy chair, turn the lights down & the volume up and soak it up, it’s an immersive experience. This 20 minute film produced for … Continue reading Open Bridges Film & Musique Concrète Soundtrack

A River Full of Stories Film

The Open Bridges exhibition - A River Full of Stories - has had  a great run in Hull Maritime Museum where it has been on display together with the films for the last six months. The museum has now closed to be refurbished as part of Hull: Yorkshire's Maritime City so we spent the morning … Continue reading A River Full of Stories Film

A River Full of Stories Film Trailer

Just released! The River Full of Stories trailer featuring a trip down the River Hull on board MV Syntan with introductions from some of the people we met to record their memories of life on the River Hull, Janet Anderson (nee Webster), Edward Moore, Keith Eastwood, Neville Pinder, John Dean, Bill Midgley and John Drury. … Continue reading A River Full of Stories Film Trailer

Exhibition and Film in Hull Maritime Museum

The Open Bridges: A River Full of Stories film and exhibition is opening at Hull Maritime Museum on Saturday 6th July 2019 until the end of September. We are delighted to let you know that A River Full of Stories exhibition and film is now open in Hull Maritime Museum. The free exhibition showcasing both Open Bridges … Continue reading Exhibition and Film in Hull Maritime Museum

Draining Hull – Peter Greendale

"Have you ever driven down Cottingham Road from the Beverley Road junction to the roundabout near The Goodfellowship and wondered......”what is that strip of land in front of the large houses on the left and why do the streets and many of the drives to the houses apparently have bridges and the roads have bridge … Continue reading Draining Hull – Peter Greendale

Hull Fast Film

Hull Fast Film made in 1992 by Andy Hazell with soundtrack by Hallam Lewis... Iconic images and sounds of Hull, the River, barges, pilots, docks, ships and shops, fish and chips, streets, houses, Hull Fair, have a look and explore this fascinating art film, now social history of Hull. Originally a twin screen film projected … Continue reading Hull Fast Film

The Story of Warren’s Shipyard

One cold rainy day in October, we spent a cosy session on Hull Marina, inside the 62′ Super Sloop Spider T listening to  stories for Open Bridges: A River Full Of Stories.  Owner and Captain Mal Nicholson welcomed us on board, a perfect place to share stories of the River Hull's past. Thanks to Phil … Continue reading The Story of Warren’s Shipyard

Leisure Time on the River Hull

Brigham Sailing Club One of our first blisteringly hot Sunday walks to explore the River Hull took us to a beautiful stretch of the River, near Rotsea to Emmotland on the west bank of the River Hull. The water was high and cool despite the hot summer sun and two sleek Brigham Scows raced past. … Continue reading Leisure Time on the River Hull

Short Films of Barge Life Memories

Open Bridges: A River Full Of Stories: Compilation of new short films of Glyn Holt, Karen Walker and Linda Bragg (both nee Hubbard), Tom Fry, Keith Eastwood, Trevor Branton, Victor Shirtliff, Geoffrey Shipman and Ken Knox in conversation with Russ Litten about life working and living on the River Hull. Click on the video to … Continue reading Short Films of Barge Life Memories

Thanks Everyone!

The Open Bridges exhibition had its last day inside Scale Lane Bridge before we finalise its next home. We've been open every Saturday in January and February and welcomed 2000 visitors.Thanks to James Hoggarth and Sally Fairfax for inviting us to BBC Radio Humberside this morning to talk about the project and exhibition. Lots of … Continue reading Thanks Everyone!