River Hull Archive #27

The last post of the HDM archive detail posts starts with an intriguing image. At first glance the picture of the BOCM building from 1911 appears deserted but on the bank-side on the left hand edge you can see what appears to be a man and a woman presiding over the contents of a bag, a packed lunch maybe who knows. Click on an image in each gallery to get the big picture.

Next are two details from the same 1930s image of Salthouse Lane Bridge. The bustle of people crossing the bridge all heading in the same direction into town intent on their destination as the bargeman in the bottom centre and the worker loading the vessel on the east bank carry on with their work alone.

Next are details from two images of Drypool Bridge. The first is dated 1961 and captioned Drypool Bridge opens for river traffic, from the detail following last minute inspections? The second is a nice detail of the Eleanor B driving through Drypool under the watchful eye of the bridgeman.

The final image and detail dates from 1949. An amazing scene taken from the top of Paull’s Mill: while the lighterman toils on the river the crane operator takes a break on Wincolmlee.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported Open Bridges: A River Full of Stories this year. This is the last of the series of details from the HDM Archive. Thanks again to Angus Young for donating the images to A River Full of Stories. All images used with permission.

A River Full of Stories

A River Full of Stories is getting a great response from the libraries. The book has been a labour of love to produce so we are delighted to find out how popular it is. Keep an eye on the website for details. And in the meantime, the book is available to borrow from Hull Libraries, East Riding Libraries, Museums & Archives, Hull History Centre, The Leeds Library, The British Library and to order from all UK libraries

Open Bridges: River Full of Stories Exhibition and Films

The free exhibition including both the films made for Open Bridges and A River Full of Stories will be on the road next year. We’ll keep you posted about forthcoming exhibitions in 2020.

Rich and Lou

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