SMS Towage Tugs

We are delighted to partner with SMS Towage for Open Bridges. Thanks to Paul Escreet, Graham Hackney, Vince and Tim of SMS Towage for an eye-opening tour of Alexandra dry dock and a visit to The Scotsman undergoing her scheduled ‘MOT’ and a great afternoon on the Englishman at Hull’s King George Dock, a fascinating experience, learning about the importance of these incredible tugs on the Humber.

SMS Towage Scotsman - Dry Dock
SMS Towage Scotsman photograph by Richard Duffy-Howard

When we saw the tugs and the brand new SMS Superman at Open Bridges waiting in the Humber to welcome HMS Pickle, Comrade and Syntan they looked so imposing – stately and mysterious with searchlights shining out in the mist on the estuary. We were delighted to be invited to have a close look at The Scotsman in dry dock. The tugs really are powerhouses and the view from underneath the hull is surprising – like an iceberg –  and impressive.

Rich took this gallery of photographs of The Scotsman in Alexandra dry dock. Click on an image to see the full picture and scroll along…

and SMS Towage Englishman in King George Dock

and SMS Serviceman

SMS Towage Serviceman
taken from the Englishman

Visit the SMS Towage Website to find out more about the vessels and the work they do.Open Bridges is a whole tapestry of threads. It’s a celebration of Hull’s lifeblood, the River Hull, 13 movable bridges, the vessels that use the river and the heritage & culture that have grown up in both East and West Hull.


Project concept Rich & Lou Duffy-Howard