The Critical Fish

Rich & I are thrilled that Open Bridges is featured in arts magazine The Critical Fish. It’s full of fantastic photos and especially good to see Rich’s Engines & Insects exhibition pieces described and displayed in the article. Thank you to all the team and to Jill Howett for putting this lovely piece together.

“The Critical Fish is an artist led project which promotes critical but accessible writing about art and visual culture. Hull has been characterised as being ‘at the end of the line’ and many artists and writers explore experience and circumstances ‘on the edge’ where water meets land, coastlines erode, and borders shift in a constant reminder of the changing nature of place. In this section artists and writers respond to the theme Above, Below, at the Edge of the Water.”

from Sculcoates Bridge at night looking south

4 thoughts on “The Critical Fish

      1. Getting there but very slowly. Both agree it was the right move though and both finding it hard to believe that all this fantastic land is really ours.


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