The Puzzle of Cargills

Very pleased to see Richard’s photograph of Cargill’s taken from the MV Syntan for Open Bridges Hull in the Observer photography section chosen for last weekend’s ‘Complex’ theme.

Observer 29th July 2018

The photograph is from the Open Bridges “Engines and Insects” art photography part of the exhibition. The images follow the photographer Horst P Horst who first published the technique in Patterns from Nature in 1946. Rich created them digitally using basic darkroom techniques. The pictures are handmade and carefully created to look stunning. Look closely at the photograph, it is indeed complex.

Cargill's from the Syntan on the Hull
Cargill’s from the Syntan on the Hull

Have a look at more of the Engines and Insects photographs here

Rich & Lou Duffy-Howard

Open Bridges Hull

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