Days of Innocence by Dave Tuck

In the last few days I have revisited where I grew up. This was the Welwyn Park Avenue area in North Hull. As a child we had the tenfoots, fields, woods and river as our playgrounds. We also had Haworth Hall as a backdrop. It was truly days of innocence. I was born in 1944 … Continue reading Days of Innocence by Dave Tuck


Open Bridges Adventures

Open Bridges Hull: "A truly memorable evening when we all worked together to overcome the odds and produce something spectacular. Thanks to all that made this possible and to our VIP guests"  HMS Pickle Captain Mal Nicholson There were so many adventures during Open Bridges, and everyone who was part of it had a different … Continue reading Open Bridges Adventures

Vessels Representing Four Centuries

Open Bridges is a whole tapestry of threads. It's a celebration of Hull’s lifeblood, the River Hull, 13 movable bridges, the vessels that use the river and the heritage & culture that have grown up in both East and West Hull. Open Bridges marks the vital role bridges play in our everyday lives with a … Continue reading Vessels Representing Four Centuries

Mustering On The Hull

Open Bridges: On Friday 22nd September three beautiful vessels will muster on the Hull. This is the first time vessels representing 3 centuries will be seen on the Hull together: the Schooner – 18th century, Humber Keel – 19th century and Motor Barge – 20th century. They will be met on the Humber by 21st … Continue reading Mustering On The Hull

Humber Keel Comrade

The beautifully restored Humber Keel COMRADE will sail down the River Hull and into the Humber Estuary as part of the Open Bridges journey. Find out about the COMRADE from Humber Keel COMRADE’s Sailing Master, John Medland's biography of the vessel: "The steel hulled  barge originally named Wanda was built in 1923 by Warren's Shipyard … Continue reading Humber Keel Comrade

The Bridges of Hull – a Love Story

We are delighted that Open Bridges is go, full steam ahead. It's easy to remember the date - the autumnal equinox, Friday 22nd September 2017. We're working with our various project partners to make it all happen. But let's start with a story, a lovely piece of writing by Humber Keel Comrade's Sailing Master, John … Continue reading The Bridges of Hull – a Love Story