Vessels Representing Four Centuries

Open Bridges is a whole tapestry of threads. It’s a celebration of Hull’s lifeblood, the River Hull, 13 movable bridges, the vessels that use the river and the heritage & culture that have grown up in both East and West Hull.

Open Bridges marks the vital role bridges play in our everyday lives with a river journey, the mustering of historic vessels and a new musique concrète commission by BAFTA winning Hull based composer John Stead.

We are delighted that vessels representing four centuries are part of Open Bridges.

HMS Pickle
HMS Pickle photograph courtesy of the Royal Navy

M. V. Syntan

Find out more about the vessels representing four centuries that are taking part in Open Bridges:

18th century – visit the Schooner HMS Pickle page

19th century – visit the Humber Keep Comrade page

20th century – visit the MV Syntan page

21st century – visit the SMS Towage Englishman page

21st century – visit the Svitzer Valiant page

Open Bridges and Freedom

Open Bridges is an exploration of the notion of freedom which is central to Hull’s identity following the work of William Wilberforce. To explore the idea that to truly understand freedom you have to experience its removal, we will momentarily separate the city in two as all the bridges raise or close for one minute at 20.17 on the autumn equinox, Friday 22nd September.

Friday 22nd September 2017 – Open Bridges music premiere is at an outdoor stage – The Stage @ The Dock –  it starts at 7.30 pm and finishes at 10.30 pm. From there you will be able to see the historic vessels as they enter the Humber. Tickets from Hull Box Office

Rich & Lou

OB Times medley

Richard Morrison The Times Arts Column 15.09.17