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Tapestry of Threads

Hull – Friday 22nd September 2017 #OpenBridgesHull Open Bridges is a whole tapestry of threads. It's a celebration of the lifeblood of the city, the River Hull and its 13 movable bridges, more than any other city. Beautiful historic vessels representing three centuries are met by powerful 21st century tugs. It’s an exploration of the … Continue reading Tapestry of Threads


Hull’s 13 Bridges

Hull is top of the list in that no other city has so many opening bridges over such a short distance of navigable river.  There are thirteen bridges and all of them swing or lift to open to river traffic. All the bridges - road, rail or foot - allow not just small pleasure craft, but … Continue reading Hull’s 13 Bridges

National News

Open Bridges: We are very pleased to get a mention in The Times today. “Just occasionally things go right and the cynics are confounded. There were plenty of the latter around when run down and much maligned Hull was announced as City Of Culture for 2017. Yet with the year two-thirds over, the results are … Continue reading National News

HMP Humber Prison Poems

Exploring freedom….and freedom withheld Open Bridges includes a series of workshops hosted by Lou Duffy-Howard with creative writers Russ Litten and Christina Lewis who are working with schools, prison, hospice and community venues to explore freedom and the impact of freedoms denied in the world today. Writer Russ Litten and I spent the afternoon working with a … Continue reading HMP Humber Prison Poems

Open Bridges Photography

Open Bridges is creating and documenting fascinating sights and sounds only ever seen by bridge operators and shipping companies. Some of the photographic images are taken from open bridges and some from the movements within bridges as they’re being operated for river traffic. Some of the photographs are more abstract. They’re inspired by famous 20th … Continue reading Open Bridges Photography