Hull Tidal Barrier Takes Flight

This is a view of Hull Tidal Barrier never seen before, the latest of Rich's 'Engines and Insects' photographic images for Open Bridges. Rich took the original photograph of the underside of the Tidal Barrier from the deck of the MV Syntan as they sailed down the river for the Open Bridges test run. The images … Continue reading Hull Tidal Barrier Takes Flight


Drypool to Hull Marina: River Journey #5

Syntan down the Hull 21.07.2017 We were kindly invited on the Syntan as it travelled from Beverley down the River Hull, to Hull Marina for the Folk and Maritime Festival. The journey with Humber Film’s Alex Davies was to collect stills, film footage and bridge and vessel timings for Open Bridges. Usually photographs are taken … Continue reading Drypool to Hull Marina: River Journey #5