Shots from the Night Sky

Open Bridges: For the first time in the city’s history all 13 of Hull’s bridges raised, swung or closed simultaneously splitting the city in two at 20:17 hours on the autumnal equinox 2017 during Hull City of Culture’s Freedom Season.

Open Bridges by Octovision Media 22.09.2017

These stunning stills from Octovision Media’s drone footage show the  powerful tugs with search lights and water cannons and HMS Pickle from a unique angle. Thanks to Paul Escreet of SMS Towage,  Simon Lee of Svitzer Maersk and the crews of SMS Towage Superman, Svitzer Josephine and Svitzer Bristol for a sensational spectacle at the culmination of the Open Bridges voyage. You can see the sheer size and power of the tugs which almost dwarf HMS Pickle on the estuary.

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Open Bridges is a whole tapestry of threads, a celebration of the lifeblood of the city, the River Hull and its 13 movable bridges – more than any other city. Beautiful historic vessels representing three centuries – 18th century HMS Pickle, 19th century Humber Keel Comrade and 20th century MV Syntan mustered on the River Hull, met on the Humber by powerful 21st century tugs from SMS Towage and Svitzer. Open Bridges is an exploration of the notion of freedom during the City of Culture’s Freedom Season featuring the live world premiere of John Stead’s new musical work, Moments in Time.

Open Bridges is an independent all Hull based project by Duffy-Howard Music taking place during the Hull City of Culture Freedom Season. We are delighted that every aspect of planning and delivery of Open Bridges is by people in Hull.

Rich & Lou Duffy-Howard